Are toddler harnesses bad?

Answer On One Hand: Safe and SecureToddler harnesses give a young child a measure of independence while keeping him safe near busy streets and in crowds and shopping malls. The harness goes around the chi... Read More »

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Can you offer a solution toddler 1 was caught performing oral sex on toddler 2 One toddler is 4 the performer and the other is 3 cousins they were caught Older toddler also has bruises and odd ideas?

Get these children to a doctor as soon as you possibly can. This is an emergency. At least one of these children was obviously sexually molested and needs help now. The police should also be contac... Read More »

What to do about a possible toddler yeast infection because toddler was left with babysitter who got medications mixed up and gave too much of an antibiotic.?

I'd call his/her pediatrician and see if you can get a prescription for nystatin cream. They may want you to come in to verify it is yeast infection. Also, fyi that yeast infections are common in k... Read More »

How to Tie Crawler Harnesses?

A variety of lures, baits and rigs are used by anglers when going after large freshwater gamefish such as walleye. Various blades, beads and hooks, also termed terminal tackle, are combined to crea... Read More »

Why do you need harnesses for rock climbing?

Rock climbing harnesses are one of the essential pieces of equipment you need to rock climb safely. A rock climbing harness provides security and support to the climber and allows the climber to fo... Read More »