Are titanium necklaces safe for kids?

Answer On One Hand: Titanium Necklace BenefitsAccording to the New York Times, Major League Baseball players have been repeatedly seen wearing purportedly circulation-enhancing, muscle stress-reducing nec... Read More »

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Are titanium necklaces OK for children?

On One Hand: On One Hand: Titanium SafetyAccording to the scientific reference manual "Nature's Building Blocks: An A-Z Guide to the Elements" by John Emsley, titanium is non-toxic in humans. In fa... Read More »

Can you put titanium necklaces in water?

Titanium jewelry resists corrosion, according to ring designer Eric Pless. As the BBC notes, a thin layer of oxide prevents titanium from reacting with water. Only extreme chemical environments cor... Read More »

Is titanium cookware safe?

On One Hand: Safety of Titanium CookwareTitanium metal has been proved safe for humans. Because of the non-toxic qualities of titanium, it is used for many medical implants such as joint replacemen... Read More »

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