1 Explain the key differences between the characteristics of a soft real time task such as web browsing and a non real time task such as email delivery?

Answer check the jetting.

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Where can I purchase one of those hot tub time machines?

Oh my GODDESS... when you get one, invite me over???? I wanna go back to Woodstock SOOOO BAD...It'll be SO worth your while!!!!EDIT--Nolte, you , me and LSD...I know you can't do youtube but this... Read More »

How to Get Real Time Stock Data?

Getting real-time stock data provides professional traders with an advantage, and enables even casual investors the chance to track their portfolios as the market unfolds. A number of Websites offe... Read More »

How do i get real-time stock quotes?

Yahoo! FinanceGo to the Yahoo! Finance website by clicking on "Finance" on the home page of Yahoo!Enter a Stock SymbolEnter a stock symbol in the quote box and click the "Get Quote" button. During ... Read More »

How to Get Real-Time Video on the Internet?

Streaming real-time video on the Internet requires such significant bandwidth usage that it's usually impractical to do it through Web hosting that you rent from a provider. However, there are stre... Read More »