1 Explain the key differences between the characteristics of a soft real time task such as web browsing and a non real time task such as email delivery?

Answer check the jetting.

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Where can I purchase one of those hot tub time machines?

Oh my GODDESS... when you get one, invite me over???? I wanna go back to Woodstock SOOOO BAD...It'll be SO worth your while!!!!EDIT--Nolte, you , me and LSD...I know you can't do youtube but this... Read More »

What is real time stock trading?

The information technology revolution of the late 1990s made powerful personal computers and inexpensive Internet connections available to the masses, enabling high speed communications and real ti... Read More »

At what time of the day do our real height show?

How do i get real-time stock quotes?

Yahoo! FinanceGo to the Yahoo! Finance website by clicking on "Finance" on the home page of Yahoo!Enter a Stock SymbolEnter a stock symbol in the quote box and click the "Get Quote" button. During ... Read More »