Are thumb rings for guys?

Answer On One Hand: Not Traditionally CommonGenerally, men do not wear thumb rings. Men may wear a few rings at most and this generally does not include one on the thumb. It is more common for females to ... Read More »

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What do thumb rings mean?

Thumb rings have played a part in fashion for centuries. Despite their steadfast popularity, the meaning behind the thumb ring is shrouded in ambiguity. Symbolism in various cultures ranges from fu... Read More »

What is the meaning of silver thumb rings?

And all along you thought a thumb ring was simply a rather interesting yet unorthodox fashion statement. It can be just that or it may be symbolic or even have a functional purpose.HistoryThumb rin... Read More »

Where can you buy Remember Alex Brown thumb rings?

Remember Alex Brown Thumb Rings Is where to get the Alex brown thumb rings. A $25 donation will get you a small box of the rings. I looked them up because I was interested about... Read More »

Since breaking a giant toblerone my left thumb joint beneath the nail hasn't stopped clicking the whole thumb ?

take em to court , ha ha ,,, should com with a health warning.