Are thongs for girls or guys Are they for both?

Answer Thongs are made for both sexes; teenage girls often wear them to feel "sexy".Anyone who says they're gay doesn't know what he or she is talking about; yourunderwear preference doesn't make you gay ... Read More »

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Take this super-duper fun poll for both guys & girls!?

1. What's your nickname?Shakira XD (long story, haha). This one girl calls me Manders.2. What's your favorite color?Dark green.3. What's your favorite animal?Dog4. How old are you? [Answer only if ... Read More »

Do you guys think girls with braces are ugly Do they make you look different Do they hurt Answer please.?

Girls with braces are not ugly, just because you have something extra on your teeth doesn't mean that you turn ugly. I have them right now and i think they suit me, they don't really look bad. I do... Read More »

Are some guys mean to girls they like?

On One Hand: Yes, Some AreAccording to the BBC, some men are men to women they have feelings for in an attempt to look cool. Some men feel like being nice shows too much vulnerability, and that wom... Read More »

Is it gay for guys to wear thongs?

Absolutely Not!! It is called a 'phase'......enjoy yourself