Nicole Cammack and Eoin Sheedy- are they related?

Answer cooper.

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Pain in ovary and small red patch on stomach, are they related?

It's not related, if you have a cyst or infection at your ovary it won't be visible outside and never showed up with a pink blotch. So wait what will be shown next week when having the ultra sound,... Read More »

How many children were adopted by people they are not related to?

i don,t know if state laws are different, but in my state if the father is alive he has to waive his parental rights if he has any. or if you can't get him to do that and you atleast want her lastn... Read More »

What Are Valence Electrons & How Are They Related to the Bonding Behavior of Atoms?

All atoms are made up of a positively charged nucleus surrounded by negatively charged electrons. The outermost electrons -- the valence electrons -- are able to interact with other atoms, and, dep... Read More »

Why do people associate Canon in D with Row Row Row Row Your Boat when they are not related?

Because they are both "Canons", that is they are musical pieces that are arranged for part of the orchestra (or one or more vocalists) to repeat the first four bars upon the commencement of the sec... Read More »