Are aliens real and do they visit us and are they locked up in a so called area 51?

Answer Some people claim to have seen them and even to have been abducted by them but as of this time there is no firm evidence that they exist. Having said that, I personally believe aliens do exist. I d... Read More »

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Is of Austin, TX as real and professional as they say they are?

I personally went for an interview, and loved the interview process. It was fun and interactive. CDPE is very selective in their hiring process and will not just hire anyone. With a company that is... Read More »

Who were the members of the band that played in Miami vice pilot Were they a real group or were they actors?

Are they real fur cloth?

How long do they tape the mtv real world?

"The Real World," a television show which is shown on the MTV network, is taped for four months. "The Real World" home is equipped with cameras all throughout the house, and there are camera crews ... Read More »