Why are they looking for new Iron Chefs for Iron Chef America?

Answer It's a game/reality show, like Next Food Network Star. The winner will join the other iron chefs.

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Why are they still making cigarettes when they know its killing people?

people are addicted and bad people know they can make money and manipulate the helpless

When did people stop making iron nails?

Iron nails, formerly known as wrought nails, were used until the mid 1800s, when cut nails replaced them. Iron nails were handmade of soft, malleable iron with rectangular shanks (the long, narrow ... Read More »

Are they going to make a Lego Iron Man?

There are currently no plans to introduce a Lego Iron Man product line, according to the official Lego website. A call to the Customer Service Department of Lego Group on April 15, 2010, confirmed ... Read More »

Are they making a iphone 4 g?

Apparently they are, because my dad told me Steve Jobs gave them a "To Do" list before he kicked the bucket and that was one of them.