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Answer hey Kòó|åïÐ Män they still refer to themselves as werewolves in this movie. Why do people who don't like Twilight answer questions about Twilight?? Probably just to be jerks and annoy those ... Read More »

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If you were making a movie collage art...?

hey:)i like this question ermm..Theme: ConflictMovies: City of God (2002), American History X, Get Carter(1971)Quote/images: "You need more than guts to be a good gangster. You need ideas." From Ci... Read More »

Is the BBC making a movie out of theater shoes?

What is a good song for a movie i am making?

Goodbye, nobody's home- avril lavinge Over again, still the one, change my mind-one direction Time of your life- green dayDo you remember- jay SeanLego house, a team - Ed Sheeran Hall of fame-the s... Read More »

Making a movie, need a little help on choosing the right camera.?

Canon GL1 or the newer GL2. you can get a GL1 used from many sources...