Are they any returning actors making a cameo in the new Star Trek movie?

Answer Nemoy might be back, we won't know until the film comes out.But Harrison Ford won't be in the film because he's Han Solo in Star Wars and has never been in Star Trek.I think it's better to be surpr... Read More »

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Are they still planning on making a movie with a more modern episode of Gilligan's Island?

this is a question i wish i knew the answer to.Its been 15+ years since word first surfaced of a plan to do at least 1 movieAround 2000 or so there was a ET spotlight on a planned trilogy, first wa... Read More »

Is Spider man 3 going to be the last spider man movie?

'Originally', it was suppose to be a trilogy and 'originally, Raimi, Maguire, and Dunst were signed up to do at least three.That being said, the huge success of the first 2 movies (and the assumed ... Read More »

Why are they still making cigarettes when they know its killing people?

people are addicted and bad people know they can make money and manipulate the helpless

Who is Peter Parker in love with in the movie Spider-Man 2?