Are they called headphones or earphones?

Answer The most important first step in the process is to carefully set the camera down on a flat surface, pick up the instruction/operation booklet that came with it, and read the booklet. There's all ... Read More »

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Do you say headphones or earphones?

you can call it either way, but you can really call it what you want when you pay for it. but seriously headphones are the external listening pieces that adhere to your head by way a cushion circle... Read More »

Is sleeping with headphones/earphones on bad?

it is not very bad, it wont affect your hearing drums or anything else, but you know, there will be some bacterias in our ears and when the ear is closed with something, the activity of the bacteri... Read More »

Where can one buy wireless earphones or headphones?

u can buy them over seas or on eBay but check it first

Does any headphones earphones work on xbox 360?