Will they ever have a Jewish wedding on four weddings?

Answer If they do, 4 chuppahs will be needed.

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What the heck to they mean by "assimilated Jewish parents" in the Hedy Lamarr article on Wikipedia?

Presumably the word here refers to cultural assimilation: <… >

Why are there hardly any Jewish restaurants serving popular American Jewish food?

guess it depends where you live. plenty of restaurants serve food associated with the jewish culture in Skokie Illinois and surrounding towns. Chicken matzo ball soup, chopped liver, bagels, challa... Read More »

What does koeshar foods mean Watch a tv show and they were a Jewish family but I didn't understand the word?

The word is 'kosher' which literally translates as 'fit'. When describing food, it means that the food is 'fit for consumption'.As is displayed by another poster, many non-Jews have the incorrect ... Read More »

How to Be a Respectful Non Jewish Guest at a Jewish Holiday Dinner?

Non-Jews can be very nervous about their manners in Jewish situations. They need help and reassurance.Here's what to do: