Are these weird thoughts?

Answer i think it's natural i'm 13 and i dream of having twin baby girls. of course i'm not going to go out and get pregnant, i'll be sure to wait until i'm married, financially, emotionally, and spirtual... Read More »

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What are your thoughts of these random names?

Scooter why are you asking, did you forget to use protection and knock someone up? LMAO You know I'm just playing with you...1.Jason is nice you don't hear it too much2.Jen not a fan of too common ... Read More »

Is it weird that I eat these foods?

You just have different tastes to some other people.Alot of people can eat raw onions though, in sandwiches and stuff.but tbh, i've never heard of soda in popcorn, and i'm not sure i want to try th... Read More »

Are these earrings way too girly or weird?

I would not be wearing them but then I am kinda old and stuffy . For a teenage girl to wear occasionally they are perfectly fine , go for it.

What are these weird phonecalls?

It doesn't cost you any more than any other incoming call. Your phone is not "calling the other person" (you never heard a dial tone or entered a number, correct?). The "ringing" you hear is just ... Read More »