Are these symptoms of a period?

Answer Those are all period symptoms. Midol will definitely help, and also you may want to take something like gravol for your stomach. A heating pad also works too to make everywhere feel better :)

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If your period started one month ago and you had sex with a condom 2 and a half weeks ago and now you're feeling flu-like symptoms with weight gain are these pregnancy symptoms?

AnswerPossibly ... a positive pregnancy test would be a dead giveaway. Answer2 1/2 weeks ago would most likely be during your fertile time, so it's possible. if your next period is late I recommed... Read More »

If you're experiencing flu-like symptoms such as headaches sore throat fatique backache and cramping but your period is due in a few days could these be signs of pregnancy?

Answer It could be. It has been my experience (I have had two children and one miscarriage) that everytime I am around 3 weeks or so I get flu-symptoms with a sore throat, etc. and I feel queasy an... Read More »

I have irregular periods however I've been experiencing breast tenderness viens showing fatigue I though it was your period but it never came all test negative what else can cause these symptoms?

Answer Hormonal imbalance or Thyroid problem can also cause these symptoms. So can pregnancy. Urine tests are not very accurate. Especially during early pregnancy. See your Doctor for a QUANTITATI... Read More »

Is an early sign of pregnancy sensitive nipples two weeks before your period and slightly raised blue veins around them where you have never had these symptoms before and breasts are slightly fuller?

Answer yes that is a symptom, nipples do become sorer and veins more noticable, though this could mean many things gte a test to fid out for sure, if you ar pregnant you will strart to notice the ... Read More »