Are these specs good enough for gaming and internet?

Answer Those are all adequate for general internet use when running Windows XP or Linux; none of those are adequate for gaming, at least for any games released in the last 2-3 years. Most relatively cu... Read More »

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Are these specs good for gaming?

HD 7770/7850,and a 430W Power Supply like the corsair CX430.

Are these good specs for gaming?

Josh is right. For gaming, you won't need anything more unless you have like 3 monitors and you play BF3 on Ultra.Your system cannot play games very well. Minecraft is fine but BF3, you'll struggle... Read More »

Is this good specs for a gaming computer?

Just be sure the XP is 64 bit and it seems like a pretty solid deal.

Good Specs for a Gaming Computer?

Computers, like automobiles, are built to specific tasks and functions. Just like you don't take a Honda Civic for the Daytona 500, you don't use a bare-bones desktop machine or a notebook computer... Read More »