Can we cut it out with all these fake questions?

Answer When I see these questions I block them. And if the questions are completely way over the line I report.

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Am i fat!! I know you hate these questions?

shut up people. you are far from fat!!! if you are worried about your health go see your doctor and get a body mass index done. that will tell you if you are a healthy weight for your height. if yo... Read More »

MJ fans. Answer THESE QUESTIONS!!?

The Bad michael :DI would try and stop it from happening by warning him about Conrad and just incase i couldnt stop it and he was definetly going to die i would let him have the best last night eve... Read More »

Why do these kinds of questions get deleted?

ya i know i posted that kind of question before cuz i find it fun and i look back and its deleted. i was soooo mad cuz i wanted to see the overall results. do people have nothing better to do than ... Read More »

Help me with these cheap questions?

that's why i will give u 2 thumbs down. & then vote myself