A question regarding free SMS websites?

Answer I am listing here top sites which can be used to send a free sms.I don't think those sites charge anything to receiver.1) 160by2 a service which was started a year back and has become a huge hit b... Read More »

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Free clinic question?

It all depends where you live. Where I live, most free clinics are for std related. However, the emergency room can never turn away someone for their ability to pay. Yes, he will incur a bill but a... Read More »

Gluten free question?

weight loss has to do with how many calories you eat.Not where they come from.If you eat more calories than you use each day, you will gain weight.If you eat less calories than you use each day, yo... Read More »

Question about niacin flush free?

Complete waste of time and money. It will have no beneficial effect whatsoever.

Meat Free Longevity Question?

oh you poor soul!!i feel your pain.....i have had to train my dog to open bottles and jars for lack of energy in my muscles. i haven't yet found a way to train him to mow the lawn, so here i sit, p... Read More »