Are these just growing pains?

Answer Probably. Take some tylonal or something, you'll be fine tomorrow.

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Are these growing pains?

If they are the circus is going to be looking for you for you will look pretty funny if only those places are growing and not the rest of you. You have tight muscles causing the pains and not exer... Read More »

Is it just stretching and growing pains or a problem when you are 7 weeks 6 days pregnant you have been having light cramps all day but no bleeding?

might be preterm labor. its worth calling the doctor or going to the hospital to be checked just in case. dont let it go too long. this is a serious issue

Gas-like pains are just gas pains right?

Where might the pain be located? It could be simply trapped gas, it could be appendicitis (I hope not!), it could be something you ate. Have you had your period yet this month? It may by cramps.... Read More »

How do you get rid of growing pains?