Are these ingredients safe to consume?

Answer If it is certified medicine it is safe to consume.

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Major ingredients that vegans cannot consume?

High fructose syrup is extremely unhealthy, whether you're vegetarian or not. It is based on corn.You shouldn't follow the vegetarian lifestyle/diet mechanically just because you heard it's cool an... Read More »

Is Amoxillin a safe drug to consume during the 8th week of pregnancy?

Answer Yes, it has been used for a long time and no problems have occurred.From the websitePregnant women: Can be administered during pregnancy; no particular risks are known.

Did you know these ingredients are in antifreeze?

I'm wondering why you're drinking anti-freeze.I think you're the average food alarmist who has little to no knowledge of chemistry, so you think everyone is ignorant enough to crap their pants over... Read More »

Do these ingredients work together?

I'd leave out the dill,but the rest sounds good:I love spinach and artichoke hearts,just see that spinach is really dry,maybe get out the inner of the tomatoes,otherwise it might get a bit soppy