Are these good workouts for me?

Answer Yeah that's great. You should also work on cutting the really bad foods out of your diet. Loosing weight; 70% kitchen 30% gymGood luck!

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What are good core workouts?

Planks, or hold a crunch ( with ur elbows touching ur knees) for ages- it kill s if u do it right! ;)

What are some good workouts to tone my thighs?

Squats are the best and so are lunges. I found a great website for good workouts to tone your inner and outer thighs.

If I'm consistant with my workouts and keep up a good diet, when will I start to see results?

It really depends on what kind of exercises you're doing, what weight/bmi you're starting from, how good your diet is etc. When I started out I was 158 lbs and 5'1 (now 125 lbs) I started seeing re... Read More »

Do these look good to you :D?

Your toms are coming along nicely. They are past the solid green phase and are developing patches of white and yellow. I guess you'll have ripe tomatoes in about 10 days.It is hard to grow potatoes... Read More »