Are these 11 good reasons to stop eating dairy?

Answer Yes those are excellent reasons to stop eating dairy and I have the 12th reason: It's fattening.

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How to get my uncle to stop eating my dairy-free and peanut-free foods Writing my name doesn't work?

Buy your own fridge and put a lock on it. Small fridge from Walmart about $120. You can keep it in your room. Or put a lock on your room. It's worth the effort for the peace of mind. Your uncle sou... Read More »

When you have a cold what should you eat besides not eating dairy?

What to Eat During a ColdFruits or fruit juices that are acidic (orange juice, pineapple juice, etc.) are excellent for cutting the phlegm in your throat. Eat when you feel like eating.If you have ... Read More »

Does not eating wheat and dairy help arthritis?

Most dairy product are at the lower end of the scale for purine so they can be eaten safely Any product made with bakers yeast should be restricted in its use as the yeast is very high in purines.... Read More »

If a VEGAN went back to their old eating habits would they be able to digest meat & dairy like they used to?

With having experience in this field, some even complained of cramping, swollen insides and taste being off. If you do, which I don't want you to Mrs. Vegan, but if you must, slowly digest items no... Read More »