Are there zero down mortgage loans?

Answer As of early 2010, the only zero percent down payment mortgages left on the market are government mortgage options. The USDA and VA mortgage loan programs both have zero percent down payment options... Read More »

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What If the Value of the House Goes Down If There Is a Reverse Mortgage?

Whether your home value goes up or down after you take out an FHA reverse mortgage, you will never suffer the fates of homeowners with traditional loans that are "under water." The Federal Housing ... Read More »

What is APR for mortgage loans?

APR stands for annual percentage rate. When used to refer to mortgages, it refers to the total cost of the loan rather than just the interest costs.PurposeLoan fees are a significant part of the co... Read More »

Can I get a mortgage with student loans?

You can get a mortgage if you have outstanding student loans. Obtaining a mortgage depends on many factors, including credit score, down payment and employment history. However, being delinquent on... Read More »

What is pmi with mortgage loans?

PMI is an abbreviation for private mortgage insurance. PMI is a cost that lenders will add to the monthly mortgage payment for borrowers who only put down a small down payment.FunctionIf a borrower... Read More »