Are there women Army rangers?

Answer The US Army Rangers do not recruit women. The Army does not allow women to engage in direct ground combat. The Rangers are an elite group that undertakes conventional direct action and military sup... Read More »

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Is there a difference between Army Rangers& Army Airborne?

Yes, there is a different between Army Rangers and Army Airborne. Army Rangers attend Ranger School to learn close combat and direct-fire battle skills, while soldiers attending Airborne School lea... Read More »

How many Army Rangers are there?

The term Army Ranger is thrown around frequently but it actually refers to a person who serves/served in the 75th Ranger Regiment. At any given time there are roughly 2,000-2,200 Rangers serving i... Read More »

Will civil air patrol help a male get into the army or army rangers?

No. It may allow you to enter the Army at a higher paygrade (E2 or E3, as opposed to E1), but you'll still be responsible for meeting the eligibility criteria.

Is there a quota for promotion of women in the Army?

The U.S. military has goals to make sure that women and minorities are fairly represented in higher ranks, especially the officer corps. Army strategy is to build people who are qualified to promot... Read More »