Are there wear bars on bridgestone insignia se 200 tires?

Answer Yes. According to, United State law requires all tires to have wear bars. These bars, raised 2/32 inches from the lowest point of the tire, run across the tread. It's time to buy new t... Read More »

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What Are Wear Bars on Auto Tires?

All tires manufactured today have wear bars. These wear bars are located in between the tread pattern and are used to identify tire wear. The wear bar is molded slightly higher than the lowest poin... Read More »

Who sells bridgestone tires?

Bridgestone tires are sold through various authorized auto parts retailers. If you are having trouble locating a store, visit the Bridgestone tire website (see link in Resources). In the upper le... Read More »

Where are Bridgestone tires made?

According to, as of 2010 the manufacturing of Bridgestone tires takes place in 179 facilities, located in 25 different countries. These countries represent six of the seven continen... Read More »

Who owns Bridgestone tires?

Bridgestone tires are manufactured by Bridgestone Corporation, a Japanese company based in Tokyo. Bridgestone is the largest rubber and tire company in the world and makes tires for a wide range of... Read More »