Are there ways to scan a paper and have it convert to typed out letters?

Answer Not that i've heard of. So nope :(

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Convert research paper scan into word document?

there's a program than the text images convert into text but other you need to recheck the text other letter O = 0 i= I=ltry this program

Does anyone know how to convert a Excel spreadsheet form all cap letters to proper letters?

If this was MS-Access, then a simple Query could handle this in a matter of seconds.But you will need to have a VBA coded Macro established to search through your worksheet and modify the cells to ... Read More »

How to convert capital letters to small letters in MS excel?

Though you could use the LOWER function in a formula, that does not do much good when you wish to convert the text in a large number of cells on a spreadsheet to lowercase. A better approach is to... Read More »

Fun Ways to Teach Letters of the Alphabet?

Learning the alphabet is an important task for all children to master. The ABC's are a crucial part of your child's education, and something that many parents help their children learn. A child tha... Read More »