Are there ways to delay your period without drugs/medication?

Answer The only way i know and has happend by mistake to me a few times, is when i don't eat properly, if you eat very little you period shouldn't come, because your body isn't working properly, i wouldn'... Read More »

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Is there any way to delay your period?

I agree with the first answer. I included more water in my diet (I used to barely drink water before, just juice and soda) and my periods got lighter, shorter, and painless. Water doesn't make your... Read More »

You had sex on last month 12 and your period stop on 11 you had sex without condom and the sperm dint shot in your period stop on 11 until now you havent came your period?

Well, if I follow what you are saying, you had unprotected sex sometime in the last month and have now missed your period. You did not say if your cycle is regular but assuming that it is, there is... Read More »

Does having sex around your period delay it?

No it makes it start. any woman that "participates" during sex will contract her uterus this encourages you cycle to start.

Can stress and being nervous delay your period and if so for how long?

Answer this is quite common that your periods can become irregular when under any amount of stress or that you may have changed your diet. and vary on how long this lasts. you should go to your doc... Read More »