Are there washing machines with built-in dryers?

Answer The Consumer Search Website reports that the LG WM3431HW uses the same tub for washing and drying clothes, although the machine can dry only half a load at a time. The Haier company manufactures a ... Read More »

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Where are LG washers and dryers built?

LG Electronics is a South Korean company founded in 1958. The washers and dryers are manufactured in China. Although the machines were originally produced in South Korea, the unit was moved to Ch... Read More »

How to Buy Washing Machines?

Investing on a good washing machine is obviously not an easy task, considering the huge variety of manufacturers currently available on the market today. Beyond certain aspects, such as price range... Read More »

How much do washing machines weigh?

Typical consumer washing machines weigh approximately 180 to 225 pounds. Manufacturers produce washing machines with weights, typically concrete or steel, inside the housing. Weights are necessary ... Read More »

Where are LG washing machines manufactured?

LG washing machines, along with the rest of LG appliances, are produced in South Korea. The washing machines are produced by LG Electronics, with many units being shipped to the United States.Refer... Read More »