Are there types of vegans?

Answer No, vegans are vegans. They avoid any use of animals in their lives.There are several "levels" of vegetarians though:Stict vegetarian - eats absolutely nothing from an animal or its labours (e.g. ... Read More »

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Vegetarians and Vegans, what do you find annoying about other Vegetarian and Vegans?

I dislike it when other vegans wear shirts or bumper stickers that say," Heart attacks, God's revenge for people eating meat, or " Meat it's what 's rotting in your colon". I also dislike the fact... Read More »


the big bowl of vegetables isn't much at all. When cooked, food's enzymes are destroyed, and these enzymes are what helps the body digest. As well as that, raw food has the water in it that your bo... Read More »

Why do vegans do this?

Vegans aren't terribly bright. Vegans use what I call the "extension of perception" argument. They argue that animals should be extended the benefit of the doubt with regards to their ability to ... Read More »

VEGANS, please tell me what you eat.?

Hey! That's great you went vegan--I'm a vegan, too. I'm not sure what kind of food you're talking about, so I'm not really very sure what to say about that one. But here's a very helpful tip about... Read More »