Are there penguins in the south pole?

Answer Penguins are sea birds and do not live at the South Pole. However, four species of penguins live on the continent of Antarctica where the South Pole is located. These species are the Adelie, the Em... Read More »

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Why is there fuzz in my tropical fish tanks?

The main causes of fuzz in a tropical fish tank are bacteria and bad algae, which grow in dirty water. It's a sign that some cleaning action is needed as these pollutants can be very harmful to the... Read More »

Are there tree rings in tropical trees?

Tree age rings are generally formed on a seasonal basis. With tropical trees, the lines between seasons can be blurred, meaning that a yearly evaluation of rings can be inaccurate. Certain breeds o... Read More »

How many plants are there in the tropical rain forest?

The California Institute of Technology's Space Radiation Lab reports the rain forest to be home to around 30 million species of animal and plant life. The rain forest is home to around two-thirds o... Read More »

How many species of plants&animals are there in the tropical rainforest?

Over half of all animal and plant species live in the rain forest according to common estimates. Scientists estimate more than 50 million species of invertebrate animals live in rain forests, with ... Read More »