Are there termites in Wyoming?

Answer Termites are found in every state in the continental United States, including Wyoming. In Wyoming, one common type of destructive termite is known as the Arid-Land subterranean termite, which is fo... Read More »

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Is there an airport in Gillette, Wyoming?

The city of Gillette, Wyoming, does not have an airport of its own. The closest airport to it is the Gillette-Campbell County airport, which is four miles north of the city.Source:Gillette-Campbell... Read More »

Is there a ROTC program in Wyoming?

No. They can go once they've gotten their commission and are serving actively, but not as a student/cadet.

Is there a license to be a repo man in Wyoming?

There are no license requirements to become a repossession agent in the state of Wyoming. There are only two states where a license and state certification are a requirement: California and Florida... Read More »

Are there any termites in alaska?

Alaska is the only state in the United States that is free from termites. Alaskans have their colder climate to thank for this, as termites thrive best in the warm climates found in the South, West... Read More »