Are there tax credits for buying wood pellet stoves?

Answer A tax credit is available for purchases of approved residential "biomass" stoves that use renewable plant fuels such as wood pellets made of sawdust and wood chips. The amount of credit varies by y... Read More »

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Difference Between Wood Burning & Pellet Stoves?

Wood burning stoves and pellet stoves are alternative heating sources to fossil fuels that use a renewable energy source. Fuel costs for these stoves are equal to coal and natural gas but well belo... Read More »

Do wood pellet stoves require a chimney?

Many pellet stoves do not require a chimney. The efficient burn design of most modern pellet stoves allow for ventilation to take place through a small pellet vent that runs through a wall to the e... Read More »

Are wood boilers or pellet stoves more cost-efficient?

On One Hand: Wood Boilers Burn Wood Scraps and Waste WoodWood boilers are large, hot wood furnaces that are usually located outside the home and that burn wood and wood scraps at very high temperat... Read More »

How to Maintain Pellet Stoves?

Pellet stoves use fuel made from recycled sawdust to heat your home. Burning pellets is an environmentally friendly option because they are efficient and do not produce as much ash and soot as trad... Read More »