Is there someplace in text format the blueprint videos for the minute to win it challenges where the lady says things like in this challenge players must do such and such?

Answer Probably not but I would guess it's tear-free.

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Is there a such thing as having purple eyes?

Elizabeth Taylor's eyes are a natural violet color without any enhancement by contacts or anything. She was notorious for them back in the 1950's and 60's when she did the movie, Cleopatra, and we... Read More »

Are there such things at 3 dollor bills?

I'm sure there are DOLLOR bills of any denomination, however, there's no 3 dollar bill!!

Is there such things as free tour guides?

There are places where you can find free tour guides. A local historical society might be one place to look. Or a national monument or park site.Depending on the circumstances, the guide may or m... Read More »

Are there such things as geothermal swimming pools?

Geothermal technology can be applied to heat pumps used to heat swimming pools. The Earth absorbs about half of the energy that reaches it from the sun, according to The GeoSun NRG website. Geother... Read More »