Are there still Aboriginals left in Australia?

Answer Yes. Thousands of them. Here are the numbers as of our last census.NATIONAL: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people now make up 2.5 percent of the Australian population, with 93 342 more peop... Read More »

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If a light switch is left on and there no buld in the socket does it still consume electricity?

Yes. If the fixture has a ballast. No, if it is an incandescent bulb. Think people.

Why is there no dinosaurs?

There are no dinosaurs because a big metorite hit the earth 65 million years ago. It wiped out 80% of animails, including all dinosaurs. EDIT: One of the biggest misconceptions about dinosaurs is t... Read More »

Going to dc in April- baltimoremaryland like to see uss sanctuary if it is still there served on it Jan 1968 to dec'68 as corpsman anyone know if it is still there thanks?

No you cannot do that. The Navy SEALs is just that, the NAVY. You would have to finish your enlistment in the Marine Corps and then join the Navy.

How many dinosaurs was there?

God Only Knows! kidding aside- when I was a kid- the sixties and early seventies- they were not too popular on TV cartoons. Beany and Cecil was a sort of serio-comic thing about an explorer and his... Read More »