Are there spy cameras in new televisions?

Answer >Is it all just a conspiracy theory?Yes, that would be the charitable way to put it. Just think about it. To secretly put cameras in them, perhaps 10 million people working for hundreds of companie... Read More »

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Is there a lemon law for televisions?

State lemon laws do not cover televisions; however, televisions and other consumer products can be covered under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, a federal lemon law. If the television was purchase... Read More »

Is there commercial 3D televisions coming out?

Yes, 3D tv is coming soon. No actual date is release for the tv in retail stores. Software is very limited at this time and the cost will be higher than your normal tv when first released. Like blu... Read More »

What is more efficient, CRT televisions or LCD televisions?

LCD (liquid crystal display) televisions that use LED (Light-emitting diode) rather than fluorescent (CCFL or cold cathode fluorescent lamp) backlights are more efficient than old CRT (cathode ray ... Read More »

Are there speed cameras in MI?

how do you it was speed camera 'it could have been camera monitoring traffic?