Are there specific foods that help w/ migraines?

Answer Dark Chocolate and Sharp Cheddar Cheese make them worse, but thats all I know about it.

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Why do foods trigger migraines?

The sudden onset of a migraine following the consumption of a certain food may not be coincidental. Indeed, there may be ingredients and substances in foods that will likely trigger a migraine atta... Read More »

Specific foods with carrageenans or algins/alginates?

A list: Toothpaste, Condensed Milk, Ice Cream, Beer, Fruit Gushers, Diet Soda, and Processed Meat.

Specific Foods That Make Your Hair Grow Longer?

Your hair is made of 91 percent sulfur-containing protein called keratin and 9 percent water. The hair bulb is made up of living, active cells and is fed by nutrients from the foods you eat. Your ... Read More »

How can a 13 year old girl lose like 5-10 pounds fast but without having to buy specific foods.?

Sit ups (curl ups same thing) Wil help do 100 every 2 days. Im serious you'll reall see a diference. Do them not in a rush. Jump rope 3 min straight morning . SWIM as much as you can. Hoolaoop ever... Read More »