Are there special sheets for futons?

Answer Because futons fold unlike standard bed mattresses, they require special sheets. Futon sheets have elastic all the way around them to prevent the sheet from slipping off when the futon is in a couc... Read More »

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What size sheets fit futons?

Most futon mattresses require full-sized sheets, which measure 54 inches across. If your futon is larger or smaller, measure the width to determine the size. A twin sheet measures 42 inches, and a ... Read More »

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How to Measure Futons?

A well-fitting futon cover protects the mattress, while looking as neat and closely-fitted as a custom sofa cover. A futon sags and stretches over time, so measuring isn't an exact science, but you... Read More »

Why are futons so ******* awesome?

I don't own a futon, so I'm going to fantasize about the perfect one:-Grown at Walmart and poor kid friendly-Glossy pleather, for the elegant look, but not sticky to the backs of your legs-Black in... Read More »