Are there single-pane skylights?

Answer Some skylights are made of single-pane glass. Single-pane skylights let in more heat during the summer months than their double-pane counterparts. According to the California Energy Commission, a s... Read More »

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Are double pane windows better than thick single pane windows?

On One Hand: Single Pane Windows Cost LessSingle pane windows are cheaper but allow heat to escape from your home. Even thick single pane windows lose up to double the amount of heat as double pane... Read More »

Single Pane Window Repair?

Before the development of today's energy efficient, enclosed gas, double or triple pane vinyl windows, manufacturers made windows from single panes of glass. Wooden dividers known as muntins separ... Read More »

How much is a single pane glass window cost?

Double-strength glass in that size, about US$6 - $10.Putty and glazer's points: $5.Putty Knife: $3And about an hour to do it right, including touching up the paint. Which will cost a bit more if yo... Read More »

How do I build a wood frame for a single-pane window?

Creating your own wooden window frame for a single-pane window is one way to leave your personal mark on your space. Wooden windows can provide excellent protection from the elements if properly co... Read More »