Are there scholarships for whites at black colleges?

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Scholarships for Historically Black Colleges?

Scholarships to attend historically black colleges are available, providing students with much-needed economic support to attend these institutions. In partnership with the United Negro College Fun... Read More »

Scholarships to Pay for Historic Black Colleges?

Title III of the Higher Education Act of 1965 defines historically black college and universities (HBCU) as institutions that were established before 1964 to educate black Americans. The United Neg... Read More »

Why are there black scholarships, but no white scholarships?

Scholarships can use whatever criteria they want: ethnicity, gender, age, intended major, artistic talents, etc. There is even a scholarship for tall people and another one for those with red hair.... Read More »

Scholarships for Catholic Colleges?

Planning for college can be an anxiety-ridden task, especially when prospective students and their families wonder how they'll pay for tuition, books, fees and campus housing. Many scholarships, h... Read More »