Are there really clues to the end of the world?

Answer On One Hand: Some Say it is WrittenPeople who believe in an inerrant Bible say it contains clues to the end of the world. Passages in the Bible suggest that certain events, such as wars and famines... Read More »

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Was there ever any clues given to doing well in Round 2 of the TV show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Why is there a snail in every blues clues episode?

There is a Snail because they want to make kids see if they can spot it. There is one episode in which one of the snails is pointed out which is in the Season 1 Episode Magenta Comes Over There are... Read More »

Why do you say blues clues is a boy and on one of the cranium questions it says blues clues is a girl?

blues clues is a boy because Joe said so in 1 episode i don't remember which 1 but it was in 1 they must be talking about magenta blues best frend now she is a girl you might want to reconsider tha... Read More »

Is there any I can speed up my internet, because it really, really slow please I need help. Thankyou.?

All those other answers are nice, but the reality is that you need to post more information.What kind of computer do you have? Include CPU type/speed Include RAM type/speedThose are the basic... Read More »