Are there programs to benefit children with Down syndrome?

Answer Generally papaya is not advisable during pregnancy

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What do children with Down syndrome do for fun?

They do things like a typical child; they can do everything that a "normal" child can do.

Is it hard for children with Down syndrome to learn?

8 cups of vinegar, 3 cups of Flour, and 2 cups of pancake syrup.

Can family history of kids with down syndrome increase the risk to have a kid with down syndrome?

yes. if that is true, then that means that down syndrome is genetic in your family. try researching it up. look it up on google. i highly reccomend wikepedia. the more you know, the more able you... Read More »

What care do children with Down syndrome need?

Well first things first, find out if your pregnant!!! duh... then if you are go to your doctor because if you are you will need to set up an appointment and get yourself all checked out.If your not... Read More »