Are there places in Houston to get free dental work done?

Answer If there is a dental school (college) nearby, you may be able to get your dental work done there, if not for free, then at least at a very reduced cost. You can also check with the ADA (American De... Read More »

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Are There Dental Schools That Do Free Dental Work?

Taking care of your teeth and gums is one aspect of good dental care. The prevention and treatment of oral problems and diseases is part of taking care of your overall health. Schools of dentistry ... Read More »

Where can you go to get dental work done for free or for a very small fee?

AnswerThe answer to that question would depend on where you are located.I personally have received very good dental care in Mexico and have plans to get more

Does anyone know of an charitable organization that does dental work free or at little cost?

Try a dental school in your city. they'll do a great job, with a professor alongside to make sure they do!If you don't know where to start looking, check the colleges/universities in your area - or... Read More »

Places to eat for Prom near me (Houston TX)?

Go to the "Galleria" downtown area of Houston. Lots of upscale restaurants.