Are there penguins in the south pole?

Answer Penguins are sea birds and do not live at the South Pole. However, four species of penguins live on the continent of Antarctica where the South Pole is located. These species are the Adelie, the Em... Read More »

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Are there any deserts in Africa?

The continent of Africa is home to several major deserts, including the Sahara, the world's largest non-polar desert, which occupies about 10 percent of the continent, about 3.5 million square mile... Read More »

Where in Africa is there Malaria?

Google rocks:……Basically, Africa below the Saharan region down to north of South... Read More »

Are there any phone cards to call Africa?

Try using rebtel. It's like you pay a certain amount a month and you get like a few hours of calls.

How many lighthouses are there at cape point in south africa?

Cape Point, a cape in the southern portion of the Cape Peninsula, South Africa, features two lighthouses. The first lighthouse, which sits upon Cape Point Peak at about 780 feet above sea level, wa... Read More »