Are there mountains in a tundra?

Answer Alpine tundras are located on high altitude mountains. They exist above the tree line where night temperatures are below freezing even during the summer. This type of tundra is found throughout the... Read More »

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Are there mountains in nuuk, greenland?

There are a number of mountains in and around the capital city of Nuuk, Greenland. Both downhill and cross-country skiing, as well as hiking trails, are available less than a mile from the Nuuk Air... Read More »

Is there snow in the Georgia mountains?

The mountains of Georgia typically do get snow during the winter months. Snow is more common in the southernmost section of the Blue Ridge Mountains in north Georgia, where sub-freezing temperature... Read More »

How many people are there in the tundra today?

Located in the highest latitudes of North America, the tundra area is strips of land around the region of the Arctic Circle. These land areas include portions of Scandinavia, Siberia, North America... Read More »

Is there a higher risk of internal bleedings when staying on high altitude in the mountains when place lets count is below 30.000 child aged 7 years old?