Are there more holes on the north side of saguaro cactuses?

Answer Yes, there indeed may be more holes on the north side of a saguaro cactus (Carnegiea gigantea or Cereus giganteus). Specifically, the south side of a cactus gets the most sun. Water loss therefore... Read More »

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Why does a compost heap have holes in the side and at the bottom?

Plants for the North Side of the House?

It can be tricky finding plants that thrive in the shady areas of a garden, particularly on the north side of the house. Although it's true that the north side is generally shady, other factors, su... Read More »

Why did Robert E Lee not fight on the North's side in the Civil War?

Because his home-state of Virginia decided to join the Confederacy.He sat up all night, trying to decide whether he was an American first and a Virginian second, or vice-versa.When the dawn came up... Read More »

Hotels on the North Side of Reno, Nevada?

Reno is located in western Nevada just 10 miles from California and bordering the Tahoe National Forest. The large number of casinos and entertainment venues make Reno like a small-scale Las Vegas.... Read More »