How do i get rid of the monsters under my bed?

Answer Call Chuck Norris.Or Ghost Busters.Or your mom.Or just jump on your bed til they leave.

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How to Eliminate Monsters Under the Bed?

At one time or another, every child imagines ghosts, monsters, alligators or some other such scary things under the bed or in the closet. This is usually a ploy for attention, unless they were allo... Read More »

Is there a Doctor Who episode about Sea Monsters?

Yes, it's called The Attack Of The Sea People. It's in the old season; I'm not sure which one. But giant squid-like humans that live in the ocean start killing humans because they are sick and tire... Read More »

Is there backyard monsters for the iphone or ipod touch?

NO there is not and there wont be -Because Backyard Monsters is Too Big. all the little monster guy and upgrades and stuff, it probably lags on your pc , cuz it does on mine. so simpley put that on... Read More »

How many different monsters are there in Sacred 2 for Xbox 360?

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel hosts 24 monsters, such as harpies and werewolves, and 25 humanoid monsters including Mountain Trolls and Kobolds. Humanoid monsters walk on two legs and wield weapons or too... Read More »