Are there ligaments in your neck?

Answer The neck contains multiple ligaments that support, protect and enable movement of the head and spine. These ligaments, which include the lateral ligaments and the anterior and posterior atlantoöcc... Read More »

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How many ligaments are in the arm?

There are a total of three ligaments in each arm. They are the interclavicular, coracohumeral and coracoclavicular ligaments. Each ligament is made of connective tissues that connect bones to each ... Read More »

How to Strengthen Ligaments?

Ligaments are an important fibrous body tissue that connects 1 bone to another. They allow those bones to comprise a joint, and are responsible for much of the motion in everyday walking, lifting a... Read More »

How to Strengthen Arm Ligaments?

Ligaments are elastic-like structures that connect your bones. They are capable of providing power and stability, but are very susceptible to injury in forms of sprains, where the ligament becomes ... Read More »

Ligaments of the Shoulders?

The principal ligaments of the shoulder are incorporated into the joint capsule, a sheet of connective tissue that surrounds the top of the humerus or the ball that fits into the glenoid or socket ... Read More »