If there is no child abuse is it easy to get emancipated in California?

Answer Emancipation deals only with the child's ability to care for themselves and whether or not they are capable of functioning and being treated as an adult. The parents and home life are mostly unimp... Read More »

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Which is more dangerous: high Cholesterol levels (LDL) or high Triglyceride levels?

Harvard Medical School has confirmed that the best way of predicting coronary artery disease is by dividing your triglycerides by your "good" HDL. (TG/HDL) Triglycerides are more dangerous. Your ... Read More »

Are high urea nitrogen levels indicative of high ammonia levels?

Disregarding the effects of some diseases or genetic disorders, high urea nitrogen levels may be directly indicative of high ammonia levels. Ammonia is toxic in the body and must be removed through... Read More »

Can diabetics eat fruit (the ones who have high sugar levels) because there are natural sugars in them?

My mum has type 2 diabetes and she has to be careful how much fruit she eats, so I guess that means that fruit sugars are as dangerous as any other sugars. But I agree with fluffer, you do need to... Read More »

Does being hypoglycemic/having low blood sugar, cause high insulin levels or low insulin levels?

Being hypoglycemic doesn't cause either high or low blood sugar levels, my friend, it's high insulin levels that cause hypoglycemia.Strictly speaking, that's not quite true as higher blood sugar le... Read More »