Are there herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction?

Answer According to the Mayo Clinic, certain herbal supplements do have an effect on erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. They also report that the safety and effectiveness of the supplements have not been e... Read More »

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Do I have Erectile Dysfunction?

Performance anxiety can technically be considered a cause for ED. But unlike having an unhealthy prostate or other health condition that prevents you from getting an erection, anxiety is usually ea... Read More »

Should I get checked out for Erectile Dysfunction?

Foods have no real effect on your erectile performance. But certain meds can decrease blood flow to penis. Try taking a multivitamin daily for a few weeks. If this doesn't help, see a physician. So... Read More »

Does plavix cause erectile dysfunction?

On One Hand: ED is Not a Listed Side EffectPlavix is a prescription medication that is used to prevent blood clots as a result of certain heart and blood vessel conditions. According to, ... Read More »

How to Cope With Erectile Dysfunction?

Men who have erectile dysfunction, or ED, have a hard time getting or maintaining an erection. Although ED is more common as men age, sexual dysfunction is not a normal part of the aging process. E... Read More »