Are there hemp seeds in marijuana?

Answer Technically, marijuana does not contain hemp seeds. Hemp and marijuana are essentially the same plant, sharing the scientific name Cannabis sativa. The difference between marijuana and hemp seeds i... Read More »

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Can you be allergic to hemp seeds?

Hemp seeds are an edible protein, and since all proteins are potential allergens it may be possible to have an allergy to hemp seeds. However, there have not been any reported cases of hemp seed al... Read More »

How much protein in hemp seeds?

Can i get female cannabis seeds from hemp?

If you have another plant of the opposite sex, and there is adequate light to flower well.There is a 'trick' to cause a female plant to produce some male flowers/pollen. Go to a hemp site.

Chia seeds or hemp hearts, or both?

I use both and flax seed meal to, in smoothies it is best to soak them all and then blend with the fruit before adding liquids or whey/protein powder, they will breakdown and be more beneficial to ... Read More »