Are there any health risks if diabetes is not taken care of?

Answer hello.yes certainly...the moment u have diagnosed with diabetes u should strictly follow the medications to control it and keep the blood sugar levels below 126mg/dl (random sugar)and fasting below... Read More »

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Are there health risks in being exposed to wood burners?

Smoke is not an allergen but it is an irritant and causes breathing problems with allergy sufferers and especially with those who have asthma and COPD. I can walk in a house with a wood burning sto... Read More »

Are there any health risks associated with never seeing the daylight?

You need a moderate amount of sunlight; too much causes skin damage and where you are, there's a lot of skin cancer. But too little and your body won't make the vitamin D it needs. Getting it from ... Read More »

Are there some health risks if you are pregnant again after giving birth 2 months ago?

Answer I don't think so, maybe for some people. I got pregnant with my third child when my youngest (at the time) was only 2 1/2 months old, and she came out normal and healthy. so I guess it just ... Read More »

Are there health risks with using Frontline flea control on your pets?

On One Hand: Considered SafeFrontline (fipronil) for dogs is considered a very safe product for the control of fleas, eggs and larvae, as well as ticks and lice. Frontline is a topical product, app... Read More »